INSIDE THE WEDDING: Favourite 2014 Wedding Trends Part 2

Guest blogger Stephanie Mosher of Glass Slipper Event Planning is sharing her favorite wedding trends for 2014 on our blog today. Read Steph's first post here where she shares her first 5 faves, and read more here for her other top 5!

It’s wedding season and I’m excited about some of the trends for 2014!
Planning your wedding? Well take note of these popular trends, as these are ones that I think will stand the test of time not just one season! Here are 5 of my top 10 favourite wedding trends for 2014.

Let Them Eat Cake
This year the cake has returned and it is better than ever! Couples are having gorgeous cakes created that are works of art. They have ombre, textured or have beautiful patterns! Sometimes they look almost too good to eat…almost!

  Rustic meets romance
I love the rustic theme but I really love when you can mix in some soft, lace accents or other femine touches to make rustic a little more romantic. Picture a barn with long family style tables with beautiful lace table cloth and chandeliers. Ahh! I love it!

Alternative Wedding Favours
Couples are really trying to stay away from the standard wedding favours like candies and bottle openers.  Many couples are choosing to make a charitable donation on behalf of their guests and others opt for no favours on the tables at all and instead rent a photo booth or have a candy buffet. Some fun alternatives to candy buffets are popcorn station with different seasoning flavours, milk and cookies or a s’more station.

Personalize Your Wedding Day
From custom monogram cake toppers, to incorporating old family photos to hand written vows, many couples are adding personal touches into their big day and there are so many unique and different ways to do this!

The Element of Surpise
As a wedding planner, we don’t always enjoy “surprises” on the wedding day but I love when a bride & groom surprise their guests and especially when the guests pull a fast one on the bride & groom. At a recent wedding, the moms, aunts and cousins surprised the couple with a flash mob dance during dinner! It was awesome! The couple was so surprised and loved it! Another time the MC surprised the bride with a special hula dance because they used to take hula lessons as kids. You don’t have to search too far on YouTube to see it seems to be a trend this year to incorporate “the element of surprise” somehow.
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Stephanie Mosher is the Principal Planner of Glass Slipper Event Planning, a full service event planning company here in the Lower Mainland.

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TV STYLE: The Biggest Loser Fashion

Season 16 of The Biggest Loser started the other week and we are thrilled to see Alison Sweeney wearing Brooklyn Designs for the second year in a row! We've already spotted Ali in a couple of our designs.

 Actress Alison Sweeney is wearing our Cece gemstone stud earrings in Rainbow Moonstone during episode 2 of The Biggest Loser season 16.

I love how versatile our Cece studs are! We offer them in a few different gemstone options, and I love how easily the Rainbow Moonstone pair with your wardrobe year round.

We spotted Ali wearing our popular Addison gold branch earrings during episode 3 of The Biggest Loser.

We love how popular all of our nature inspired designs are. I have always found leaves and feathers so inspirational and easy to wear and I love that you all do too! 

Are you watching The Biggest Loser this season? I have to admit, I have cried a few times since the season started. The contestants are all so passionate this year and seem more determined than ever to become healthty again! Did you know that one of the contestants is from Surrey, BC Canada? That just so happens to be where we are currently based out of and I think that's pretty cool :)

We'll be posting more about what Ali wears this season, and you can read our post about last season as well here. Look for more of our TV Style posts with some new show announcements too! Don't forget to watch The Doctors daily to spot our jewels as well!

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