BROOKLYN BEATS: Playlist Favourites

Happy 2016!
I love the new year, it brings an opportunity to say goodbye to the past year and to restart with fresh new goals and aspirations. Goal setting is a very important part of my new year beginnings, and it's a great way to get yourself excited for the new year and all of the possibilities it might bring you. But with all of these new goals to tackle and bring to fruition, how are you to stay focussed and keep your energy up (without having to drink a couple extra cups of coffee per day!)?

My solution is music!

I love a great playlist, and what better way to feel energized and alive than with some great music to keep you motivated and going strong until your work day is over. I recently made a new playlist for the studio to keep Micaela and I working at full speed, and here are some of my favourites.

Love Led Zepplin. That's it.

I could easily make a Beck playlist and dedicate a blog post or 4 to why and how much
I love his music. Too many to list. I think he is so incredibly talented and I love all of his
weirdness and creativity.

This brings me back to being a kid in the 80's and hearing this all of the time. A great
song, and what about the band's name?!

Great song! Super mellow and just plain awesome.

I am becoming a big fan of Sia. Her music is fantastic, and I like how she
portrays herself in person and tries to let her artistry and music do all of the talking.

Another band that I could go on and on about how many songs I love.
These guys are from Victoria, BC and their mellow tunes are exactly what I need in life
sometimes. You should definitely check them out if they come to town and buy their
songs on itunes if you can.

What are some of your favourite songs on rotation right now? I'd love to know! I love discovering new music. Let me know in the comments below.

TV STYLE: Murder She Baked with Alison Sweeney

Have you watched the Hallmark movie channel's latest mystery series, Murder She Baked?
 I had the pleasure of providing jewelry for the latest in the series, A Plum Pudding Mystery, based on the novel series of the same name starring actress Alison Sweeney.

Actress Alison Sweeney wearing Brooklyn Designs Hanna stud earrings, 
and Clara Pink Amethyst earrings.

Actress Lisa Durupt wearing our Katia earrings, and actress Barbara Niven wearing our August swarovski crystal hoop earrings.

Murder She Baked is a really cute made for TV movie series which also stars actress Barbara Niven, and actor Cameron Mathison. The first film is A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery and the second is A Plum Pudding Mystery. I always love it when I watch something and know where it was filmed, recognizing the various locations and surroundings is always fun. Murder She Baked was filmed here in B.C., and I was lucky enough to go to set and meet Alison in person a few weeks ago in November. She was of course incredibly gracious, kind and had the most beautiful hair!! I definitely recommend watching the Murder She Baked series, they are serious chick flicks and I really enjoyed watching them. Can't wait to watch the latest in the series in 2016!

GET CRAFTY: DIY Glitter Christmas Houses

Christmas is coming and I'm so excited!
I love this time of year, it's so busy and cozy all at the same time.
One thing I love most about Christmas is being able to decorate my home with all of our favourite decorations. Some are old, some are new, some I've bought and some I've handmade. My absolute favourite decoration for this time of year are my beloved glitter houses.These adorably whimsical miniature houses make me feel so happy and I'm sharing with you how you can make your own glitter houses for your home or for a special gift to give.

The supplies you'll need for this project are:

- one Putz style cardboard house
I purchased these miniature pre-assembled houses from Little Village Houses on etsy

- assorted acrylic paints in your favourite colours.

- hot glue gun and glue
(find at Michael's or Walmart)

- beads and assorted decorations for your house & trees

- miniature bristle brush trees
(I purchased the Celebrate It brand from Michael's) 

- transparent paper 
(I found some in the scrapbook paper section of Michael's)
Step 1: Paint your house. Make sure to paint the entire surface, including underneath the roof etc. so that none of the original cardboard colour shows. Paint your fencing and the base for your house as well. You shouldn't need more than 2 coats for this step and the paint will dry quickly on the cardboard.

Step 2: Take your transparent paper and measure the sizes you'll need to cut for your windows. Now you can cut and glue the paper to the inside of your house and cover all of the windows on your house with crafting glue. You can find the paper in the scrapbook section of any craft store. This will give a nice glow for your lights/battery operated candle (no real flames please!!).

Step 3: Take your glue gun and glue your house to the base. Make sure to place it properly onto the base and to leave room for your fence and any decorations like trees, etc. that you will be adding later on.

Step 4: Glue your fence to the base. Make sure to hold up the fence while the glue cools to make sure that it won't fall or lean. (approx 5- 10 seconds)

Step 5: Decorate!! This is where it gets even more fun! You can add all sorts of cute decorations to your house. Wreaths, trees, garland, a mailbox, presents, a snowman, an old fashioned car, a deer, and whatever you can imagine! I usually go to Michael's and shop from their Merry Minis collection from the Celebrate It brand. You can also look for anything in the miniature dollhouse sections of any craft or hobby shop. Use your hot glue gun to add all of these special elements to your house and please let your imagination go wild!

Step 6: Add snow to your house with some Snow-Tex. I like to take a seperate container, and mix some Snow-Tex with a small amount of water. This will make it easier to add the snow to your house. Take a rounded paint brush and dab the snow onto your house. Don't forget to add to the trees, fence and chimney!

Once you've finsihed decorating your house, you're ready for the final step. GLITTER!!

Step 7: Take your house, spray adhesive, glitter and some newspaper outside. Place your house onto the newspaper and spray your house in sections making sure to follow the directions of your spray ahesive. Spray one section and sprinkle glitter onto the area where you have applied the glue. I like to do it in 4 parts, front, back and each side. Make sure to cover every inch of your house with glitter and shake it around to get any loose glitter off of your house. 

That's it! So easy and so much fun to create, I absolutely adore these pretty, sparkly houses! You can create an entire village if you want like I do too. Here is a little look at some of the houses (and trees) that I've created. The larger purple and pink houses were made using Melissa Frances house kits. These are very labour intensive and take a lot of time and fine details to create. I really recommend these houses as well for a fun craft DIY to do. When making the Melissa Frances houses, make sure to paint each component first before gluing them together. 

I hope you had fun creating your DIY Glitter House, and I'd love to see your creations! 
Tag us on Instagram with #BrooklynDesigns #bdcrafty so we can see what you made.

Check out our other DIY projects here, here and here, and stay tuned for a cute DIY bottle brush project next week.

BROOKLYN STYLE: Long Cardigans & Labradorite

Fall has most definitely arrived, and I for one couldn't be happier!
This is probably my favourite season. I love the crisp fresh air, that slight scent of a bonfire and of course those gorgeous Autumn colour leaves.

But most of all I love Fall fashion.

One trend I'm loving right now is the return of the long cardigan. I found this cozy pumpkin spice coloured cardigan at Loft. This colour instantly drew me in and could easily become a great transition piece in the Spring as well. The warm tones of this sweater contrast nicely with the cool, earthiness of our Labradorite jewels. 

I dressed our model in my favourite Labradorite jewels from our collection including one of my faves, our Monica necklace. Monica is an easy necklace that you can wear everyday for a signature look, or layer up with your other Brooklyn faves like I've styled our model here.
 If you haven't seen a Labradorite gemstone before, it is a must see. Beautiful flashes of fire glow within these semi-precious gemstones, in a natural and imperfect way, and the earthy grey colour is make them perfect to wear year round.

We want to see your Brooklyn Designs fall style!
Take a pic of yourself wearing your faves & tag us on Instagram with #BrooklynDesigns and share your fall fashion with us.

GET CRAFTY: Halloween Glitter Skull

I'm not one to decorate for Halloween, but when Micaela and I were coming up with ideas for our crafting series we had to include this spooky night. What better way than with a chic and sparkly, creepy black skull!

The supplies you'll need for this project are:

- one skull for crafting ( we purchased ours at Michaels)

- one black acrylic paint 

- one dark grey acrylic paint

- sponge painting brush

- glitter, crystals, pearls, etc. for decoration

- crafting glue
 (try for one that is non-toxic so that the fumes don't both you) 

Step 1: Mix the black and dark grey acrylic paints together to create a very dark smoky grey. Paint the entire outside surface and inside surface of the skull, making sure to not leave any of the white showing. Let your skull dry completely before moving onto step 2.

Step 2: Take your glitter, crystals, pearls, etc. and start gluing them onto the surface of your skull. This is when it gets fun!! You can create whatever you like with your skull. You can choose an assortment of colours and textures to add to it. If you like a monocromatic look like I chose, make sure all of your adornments match before you start gluing. You might have to do the gluing in steps to allow for the crystals to properly dry and to create layers as well.

Here are some pics of Micaela's skull and mine as well. This was really fun! I love how Micaela has the gems dripping down it's face and inside the cracks in the skull. This is a great craft project for you to do for yourself (no kids if you don't want to!!) or even with your tweens and teens.

Once you've finished your skull you can place it on your mantel, or favourite reading corner for a spooky, yet chic Halloween treat.

We want to see your finished projects! Tag us on INSTAGRAM with #BrooklynDesigns #bdcrafty and show us your amazing creations! 
Want to get even more crafty with us? Check out our Botanical Wall Art project and look for more Get Crafty projects coming up.
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